We Are Workers at Work

An Avertising Agency 

We're good at creating strong concepts, stunning visuals and sexy copy.

We are an advertising agency based in Bucharest, Romania, and we specialize in creating strong communication concepts and marketing strategies that bring added value to our clients. 

We've done a great variety of projects. Have a look at what we've done in the projects section, browse through the clients and give us a call.

How are are different?

We are what you would call an entrepreneurial advertising agency. This means that we have a solution to any brief that comes along, and that we put in long hours and go extra miles to reach our clients goals and expectations.

We don't just solve creative briefs, we look at the entire business and come up with relevant and effective solutions to create growth. This way of working allows us to understand not only the communication problem, but also the entire business process of our clients. This is one of the most important aspects of our work. 


We like digging through a lot of data when we take on a project. Whether is primary, secondary, social, demographic research, online testing, industry or market analytics, product and services profiles and competition profiles, we'll track it down and compile the information into relevant insight driven briefs that can clarify the job to be done both for us and our client. That is why we are more like an advisor to our clients, always trying to find the best solutions for the brief at hand.


When taking a brief, we first listen to what the client wants, we research it then we find out what the client needs. Finding the intersection of these two coordinates is our main objective, and we offer solutions that deliver the results in a measurable manner.


A brand is the life story of a product. It inspires consumers, it brings joy, trust and closure. We work hard on building a clear brand message that can confirm credibility, bring brand loyalty and create emotional connections with the target audience. 


Creativity is the soul of advertising. We are good at creating concepts that will bring the target audience to notice your brand and talk about it, and most importantly to buy it. We can do it integrated, we can make it traditional, print, radio, direct mail, TV, or we can do it digital or social media. Whatever the project, we always strive to find its unique proposition and to translate it in brand value and sales. 


We are design crazy. We love creating beautiful visuals that carry the message to your target audience. It's not art, it's not a designer that dictates the style, but it is the brand that expresses its values though our designer's hands.


Designing a website starts with very good planning. We've been designing, optimizing and testing websites for a while now, and we'll find the best design and functionality for your website. We use state of the art technology and custom Content Management Systems. And we work both in HTML and Flash. 


Digital marketing is about bringing the brand experience online where the consumers can interact more. Mobile, banner ads, digital outdoor, as the consumers pay attention to the online,your brand must be there to talk to them. We look at your brand and your consumers and we come up with ways of making your clients follow you. It can be mobile, banner ads, digital outdoor, facebook applications. We can even plan your online media budget, identifying channels that can lead to consumer interaction and sales.


We tailor your brand communication for social media, creating engaging content that targets your brand followers. We build your presence and awareness through interaction and dialog. Whether you want to have a good brand visibility or you want to use social media to sell, we can make it work for you


Media is one tricky thing to do. You have the brand proposition, you build your campaign, now you have to pin down the channels your target consumes. A campaign designed by us can mean print, online, contests, activations, YouTube postings, guerilla, out of home, in store. We will mix them up and give you a plan that will touch your audience, wherever they are. 


We love taking pictures. We can do beauty shots, product photography or campaign photography. Whatever the task, our professional photographers work closely with our designers and art directors to create the perfect photo story of your brand. 


We don't just design our campaigns. We also produce them. Our production team will offer the best solutions to fit the project. We analyze the budget and the brief and we deliver the entire package to our clients.