Matis – Image Campaign 2012

Client: Mezeluri Matis

Brand: Matis

Type of Project: Image Campaign

Year: 2012
The client asked us to create the first image campaign of the brand. The brand would start as a local brand, openning branded stores across the local area of the producer.
We went back to the research and we have tried to identify the elements that could make a new brand stand out. We have identified one of the best selling propositions "Make sure you eat well".
The execution was centered around the care that a mother has for her family. This phrase, "Make sure you eat well" is something every woman says every morning when kissing their kids good bye for school, or sending of her hustband. That is why our executions bring forward the chemistry and the love between a mother and her son. The Functional benefit (80% meat) is placed right above, to give it a strong reason to believe.