Matis – Branding

Client: Mezeluri Matis

Brand: Matis

Type of Project: Branding & Packaging

Mezeluri Matis is a regional meat & salami producer based near Bucharest. The client opened a state of the art new salami production unit and needs a visual identity as well as a positioning strategy. The new identity must inspire fresh, contemporary and must differentiate from the competition with an elegant and refined look, addressing the target audience.
After researching the competition and the salami market, we decided to use red to indicate freshness, and yellow and black contours to indicate the quality of the brand. We settled on bold fonts and a curvy shape to create a logo that would identify with the products.
We started our research with the competition, analyzing both national and regional players, analyzing their positioning and sales proposition. We have created a questionnaire that we've applied to 1000 consumers that would clarify for us what they seek in a brand of salami. Compiling the information gathered with other second tier statistics, we were able to create the selling proposition of the brand and to position it in the market. The selling proposition is "Proaspat si Gustos" - Fresh and Tasty, as the two characteristics were by far the most sought after qualities in a brand of salami that consumers looked for. Also, the competition did not cover this area.
The new selling proposition would address the middle class, and we created the consumer portret for Matis: a middle class family, where the wife is the liaison of the home, the person to take care of the entire family, so we need a design that would make her feel at ease and get her trust. Also, we must address the man of the house, and he must feel safe and happy with the brand.
Executing the design, we took into consideration the major color schemes applicable in this market. Red - green is the color most salami brands use as both indicate freshness. We went with red the dominant color, and we added a black border indicating a premium class product. We used a bold font to make the brand visible, and we've put it all in a curved shape, that resembles salami. To give it a simple and elegant look we added the selling proposition to the logo, so that the new brand could pitch itself easier as it breaches the market.