CIF – Stains War

Client: Unilever

Brand: CIF

Type of Project: Social Media Activation

We need the application to draw attention to our page and to create engagement at post and page level. The application must attract likes on the page so that our messages can reach a higher number of persons. The application must feature multiple CIF products and also present the usages that they can have. We must create brand awarness and engagement using a simple mecanic that will make users come to our page again and again.
In order for a user to play, they have ot like the page, and once a user complets a game, we is required to share the application in order to play again. Also, at the end of every game, the application posts on the users wall. The time will be prompted in real time, giving the user a chance to play again for a better score. The object of the game is to select a CIF product, and to keep specific objects that the product chosen cleans away from stains as much as possible. If a stain touches the object the CIF logo appears and if touched, cleans the object.

Application life period: 17.04 – 16.05.2013

Total number of games: 33.534

Total hours played: 220

Total number of unique users: 3.340

Total number of likes on page 7.120 new likes (100% growth)

The virality of posts boosted from 0.9% to 3-4%

The reach of each post bosted from 600-900 to 2000-3400 with spikes up to 16.000 per post

Talking about this bosted from 20-30 to 70, 80 up to 400-500 fans

The Engaged user metrics boosted from 60-80 up to 200-300 with spikes up to 1000