CIF – Moments of Relaxation

Client: Unilever

Brand: CIF

Type of Project: Social Media Activation

Create an app that would present the different usages of different CIF products, that would create interest and award consumers in a fun manner.
We have developed an application that would reward consumers that could chose the correct product for the correct surface. The users that answered correctly would enter a draw to win special prizes.

Application life period: 11.11.2013 – 09.12.2013

Total number of games: 6.758

Total number of likes on page 7.120 new likes (100% growth)

The virality of posts boosted up to 4-8%

The reach of each post bosted from 600-900 to 2000-3400 with spikes up to 16.000 per post

Talking about this bosted from 20-30 to 70, 80 up to 100-150 fans