La Bunataturi – Blogger Activation

Client: La Bunataturi

Brand: La Bunataturi

Type of Project: PR & Blogger Activation

Year: 2012
The store wants to get media exposure, but the budget is limited. Also, one major milestone is getting people to experience the concept "de prin lume adunate" ("from around the world").
Instead of addressing conventional media, we've addressed the top 30 food bloggers in town and create a special event for them.
The store promises a unique culinary experience. The inventory consists of products imported from all over the world. Cheese and yogurt from Greece, chocolate from Switzerland, pasta from Italy, beer from Belgium, wines from Chile, Australia, Africa and France and the list keeps going. Our approach was simple: all these products are perfect ingredients for gourmands that try out international recipes. So in order to get some authentic Italian pasta you need real Italian pasta. If you're looking for authentic haloumi cheese, you need it to be from Greece. With that in mind and with our target to get people to experience the concept of the store we've designed a very tasty event addressing the top food bloggers in Bucharest. We've hired a professional chef that used products from the store to create specific recipes from around the world. We've send invitations to bloggers telling them about the store and the event and asked them to join us in discovering a world of taste. At the event we've let them explore the store and taste our chefs' delicious food, then we've treat them to a brochure that contained a few recipes that they could do or share, and of course a Pr kit containing a DVD with information about the inventory, a bonus card that they could use in the store and special gift. The event was an amazing success, as bloggers appreciated our initiative and wrote on their blogs about the store. The event was covered across multiple websites: METROPOTAM RAZVAN ANTON KOOLHUNT FURNICUTI PANSELUTA VIOLET EANA APHEXTWINZ RECOMAND.RO BIANQUA GATESTEINTELIGENT.RO All in all, our effort meant a lot of free media coverage, we've got people to experience the concept of the store and as they wrote about it, more of their followers came back to the store interested in all the goodies. The full media coverage was evaluated somewhere around 10.000 Euros, but the experience delivered is still to be priced. LA BUNATATURI is a small deli shop that brings together products from all over the world.