Acrom – Malta Corporate Conference

Client: Acrom

Brand: Acrom

Type of project: Conference Stand

Year: 2013
The client asked us to create a presentation stand, promoting the values and services of the company.
"Packaging" IT services in an IT language could prove to be a hard task, as participants were not all IT experts. We chose to mark Acrom's presence by promoting the values first, then services.
Acrom is one of the best IT companies in Romania, specialized in application services, infrastructure services, IT security, integration services and network services. In May 2013 they were invited in Malta in an European conference and they were in need of a presentation kit. Selling IT services was a hard to do, as not all the guests at the conference would be IT specialists, and could not read through a very technical presentation. Our solution turned towards the values of the company and the business approach. We packaged the 5 core values of the company: Proficiency, Respect, Experience, Trust and Commitment into five different boxes. In every box we inserted a statement about that core value and a brochure detailing the company’s services, and a nice give-away, a laser pen engraved with our client’s logo. Then we’ve turned our attention to the presentation stand. We were restricted by space, and the only solution seemed to be a small table. We got to work and we’ve created a display wall that would fit about 40 boxes. This way, the participants could pass by and chose the value they seek more in a partner and pick it up. There were about 200 participants at the conference and our client’s display stand was visited by 150 people choosing different boxes. At the end of the day, the people there searched first for Experience, then Proficiency, then Commitment the Respect and Trust.
ACROM is a highly respected ITO Company, specialized in managing the full lifecycle of information technology projects. With a unique ability to combine vast professional expertise, management competence and an outstanding customer service, Acrom is the perfect partner to entrust with a business's IT environment.